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Power PMAC PID tuning problem


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I’m using Power PMAC and I encountered a problem those days——when I open the tuning tool panel of IDE,a error massage will occur in the “Motor status”area which is in the bottom of tuning tool panel and the “do a move”option is grey,in another words,it will take no action if I click “do a move”option.

Is there anything wrong with my setup of motors or ACC24-2A card? Why the error massage is“hardware”?I marked the problem in the file attach to this text.

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Thank you so much!

According to your instructions,I have solved this problem by setting Motor[x].MinusLimit=0.

The version of the IDE we are running is does miss characters in some areas,at the same time,some textboxs that for user's inputs is covered by the characters in the panel.I try adjusting Windows font size,fortunately,problems above still exist.

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Thanks,but actually it was because the status bit of Hardware PlusLimit had been set that disabled the motor move.

The picture I attached was just to describe my problems,however,I enabled the motor when I tuned its PID.what's more,we are now using PowerPMAC and it recommends to adop Motor[1].ServoCtr=1 instead I100=1 to activate Motor[1],ha-ha

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