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Servo Control Using Tension Feedback


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I am a novice user of the PMAC system and need some direction/examples on implementing an application. We are currently using a Geo Brick Drive (Type Turbo2, X4) to control a servos velocity based on tension feedback that is determined by a load cell connected to an analog input. The tension during processing is around 400 lbs while the system is engaged. At a known point a roll is retracted causing not only tension loss but slack in the film that runs through the system. This slack must be made up quickly by increasing the velocity of the servo drive motor. A minimum tension of 100 lbs is required when the system is disengaged as well. Tension overshoot can cause film breakage. Can you give me some ideas (example code would be very helpful as well) on how to implement this using the internal servo control of the PMAC? Thank you very much for your help.
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