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Clipper Drive Estop problem


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I am trying to use the Estop on the Clipper drive with the User 4 flag as described in the manual (M415->X:$78018,19)


However, I cannot get the M415 output to give reliable result:

- If the Estop connection is broken, the value is always 1, this is consistent.

- Also the reset works as expected.

- However, if the Estop circuit is closed, the value is sometimes 0 and sometimes 1. It is most of the time zero if no motors are enabled. It is most of the time one if motors are enabled, if the motor is moving it is more often one.

- I can run the axes without problems, regardless the value of M415 (as long as the estop connection is closed and has been properly reset)


No other connections have been made to any of the Userflags.


Even with no motorcables connected and configured for a stepper motor, giving a "#2o0" with all other motors disabled already flips the M415 up and down.

It does not occur on axis #1, which is a brushless motor. It occurs on axis #2-#4, which are stepper motors.


Estop config jumpers E1-E4 are OFF, J36 = ON, J39 = 1-2

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Could it be possible that your E-Stop switch connection is noisy and needs a debounce circuit?

I am testing using a simple wire connection via a terminal, not a real e-stop. I simply loose and reconnect the wire to emulate the e-stop. The wire connection is 0.5m at most. I don't see how this could relate to the problem, since I get a signal that there is an e-stop pressed, even though I can move the axes. So the actual e-stop is working fine, it is the User 4 flag which gives a faulty feedback.

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Sounds like something else is writing to that memory location. Did you download the standard M-Variable definitions? Are you starting with a fresh project($$$***)?

Thanks, that is a good suggestion. My M-variables are based on the suggested values. Initialization PLC is standard. ECT is set-up for high res interpolation and for the steppers.


If I connect the Estop to a relay and use it to switch the User 4 flag as a normal input, it works fine. So I do not think another function is writing to the same address. Drawback of using a relay to monitor the estop the extra relay in the safety circuit and the fact that the User flag only shows the status of the Estop button, but not that it has been reset or not.


And yes, I start with a fresh project and download a cfg file with includes and use a header file for definitions.

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