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Is it possible to get running code to report the version of the IDE used to build the project? Something like the following lines in the code:


global IDEVersionA = IDE_VERSION_A;

global IDEVersionB = IDE_VERSION_B;

global IDEVersionC = IDE_VERSION_C;

global IDEVersionD = IDE_VERSION_D;


where IDE_VERSION_A,B,C,D are #defined by the installed IDE as say 2,3,0,40

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But that will not dynamically adjust to the actual IDE version.


If I build the project with your suggestion in a IDE then great, but when someone running pulls the code from SVN and builds and downloads the project P1-4 will not report the IDE she used. Unless she changes the code, then we have a version control nightmare.


I want RUNNING code to tell me what downloaded it.






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