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In Chinese operating system,IDE tuning window BUG


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screen resolution:1680X1050

first pic: first open, it looks like

second pic: larger the window

third pic: max the window



This can be a result of the screen resolution being too low. Try increasing your screen resolution.


Can you send a screen shot of the issue?



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I can use the scroll bars to see all of the elements.Edit Input which I mean in these pictures are Kvff,Kviff,Kaff,FatalFelimit,OutDbOn,OutDbOff.I can not see the value I input because they are hidden be the label before them.

version of the IDE: 12/23/2014

Operating System version:Windows8 x64 Enterprise Edition Chinese

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By default, the font used by the Tune window is either not included or not supported in some foreign language versions of Windows, such as the Chinese Language version. Because of this, Windows uses a different default font which is wider than ours would have been. In previous versions of Windows, a workaround could have been to manually change the default font or size used by Windows through a drop-down menu. In Windows 8, this is much more involved; you would need to manually change the registry. This still may work, but Delta Tau does not recommend manually altering your Windows registry.


For now, we are aware of the problem and are looking into what possible solutions are. One possible, though not ideal, solution would be to use the main IDE Window alongside the Tune Window and view the parameters in the Watch Window and/or change the parameters through the Terminal Window.

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