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Windows 10 - PeWin Ethernet Loss on PMAC $$$***


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This has been seen by 2 different users recently.

Running Windows 10 x64 (release) with PeWin

Connected to any Turbo PMAC using Ethernet.

When issuing a "$$$***" command it is processed but PeWin loses connection to PMAC and will not restore after the reset is done.


Message seen in the Results list below looks like this:

Device 1-> Error 0x0, SockFlush initial time stamp,....,Error Code: 10060, Description: WSAETIMEOUT socket error


Now you can go to Setup - Select the Ethernet PMAC - Ping but the PMAC is not recognized and will not connect to PeWin.

Seems you must now Power cycle the PMAC to get it to connect.


Solution that has worked:

Setup - General Setup - Select - Select Eth PMAC in List - Properties - General now check the box [x] Multihost enable


What I "think" is going on is simply a timeout issue, not sure why Win10 acts different ? But the Multihost "I think" sets the timeout to 30 seconds.


So not sure why it works, but seems to fix the issue.

If it works for you or you see different please post here with details.

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