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Load PDO to PMAC problem


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Update: two instances????

Closing down the IDE, there appears to be another instance of the IDE that is still there. But on the Windows task bar only one icon shows. Seems likely that the problems I observed were in the 'top' IDE, which couldn't get control of the comms to the PMAC while the other instance was operating. With only one IDE running.. the 'first' instance, operation looks 'normal' and the mapped PDOs are showing proper IO addressing.


When: configuring an EtherCAT slave servo drive under Amplifiers, and either Input or Output sub-folders, and trying to set up an Output PDO for control of the slave digital outputs. Or, configuring an Input PDO to read the state of the outputs.


What: adding a non-fixed pdo via the IDE System Manager, clicking Load PDOs to PMAC does not produce the expected IO mapping that occurs for a fixed PDO.

And, there does not seem to be a way to assign it to a particular sync-manager.

IDE version, firmware version



Note: attempts to attach a zip file of PMAC screens fails because of the improper file type. No information is given about a "proper" type to use for attaching.

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Only one instance of the IDE can be attached to an IP address. You can have multiple instances of the IDE, but each one must be attached to a unique IP address (PPMAC). If you have more than one instance, but only one PPMAC (IP address) then you need to close down the instance that was opened first. If you are not sure which is which, your best bet is to close both instances and restart one instance of the IDE. Be sure to verify via Windows Task Manager that, "Power PMAC Suite", or "PowerPMAC System Setup" is not running under the Applications tab, and that "PowerPMACSuite.exe" is not running in the Processes tab. There is a database attached to the IDE; the accuracy of the data therein is in jeopardy if you have more than one instance per IP address open at a time.



The PDO's are automatically assigned to the appropriate Sync-Manager, so you don't have to worry about its setting. The IO mapping should be exactly what you see defaulted for the Variable PDO list, plus what you add after invoking the, "Add From Dictionary Objects" function (bottom of the PDO Content window).



In an attempt to rescue us from our own "stupidity" our IT department will not allow *.zip files in, or out of our servers. However, if you change the extension to *.zzz the file should go through the gauntlet just fine, provided your IT department will let you send a *.zzz file. :)

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