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sprintf in kernel space


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I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please?

I would like to use "sprintf" in User Servo Algorithm to format double variables. Are there any functions to achieve this?


I found "rtsprintf" in /opt/ppmac/usralgo/usrcode.h in Power UMAC. However, it was just a prototype.




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I would like to log data in a user servo. My program is composed of a user servo and a background C program. I want them to work as follows:


1) composes formatted string in a user servo <- I will use "sprintf" here.

2) passes the string to a FIFO, which I wrote, in a user servo

3) gets the string from a FIFO in a background C program

4) writes the string to a file


Are there any established ways?

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A much better way to do this is to pass your data directly to your background C program via FIFO or shared memory. Then your background task can convert the data to string and write it to a file.


I think sprintf can technically be done in the kernel (via vsnprintf), but it is tricky and can really mess up the determinism of your servo/phase loops if you aren't careful.

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