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Power PMAC w/ Drive in Torque Mode


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Good morning,


Trying to setup a Power UMAC to work with a drive in analog torque mode. In the System Setup tool when entering Amplifier Information, we choose Position Control = False, Velocity Control = False, and Torque Control = True. This opens up another section for Power Ratings.


Regardless of what values we enter, we get the error "Invalid max bus voltage, can not be 0 or empty! Cannot Update." This is step one in the motor setup tool, so without moving past this we can't continue with the setup.


The output tab says only:


system ethercat -m0 xml //1/28/2016 :9:38 AM -

system ethercat master // 1/28/2016 :9:38 AM -

Sys.MaxEcats = 1 // 1/28/2016 :9:38 AM -


See attached picture. We've tried every value we can think of and still get the same error.


Any advice on how we can move along here? Thanks!


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Apparently this is an issue with the IDE System Setup. We are looking into it.


Out of curiosity...

Do you have the EtherCAT Option card in the Kollmorgen s30661-na ? This particular drive is available in both Direct Connect, and in EtherCAT connect via an add-in card.



If you don't want to use EtherCAT you will need to remove the option card and power cycle the drive. You should probably also reset the PPMAC as well. Then resume the process of configuring the system using the System Setup tool.



Of course, if you want to use EtherCAT you will need to install the option card and follow the EtherCAT set up process, which is different than the direct connect set up method.


Regardless, you first need to run the Kollmorgen setup software called, "Drive GUI" which is specifically for commissioning the S300 series drives. Be sure to set/verify the supply voltage and voltage error/warning levels.

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