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New release crashes while motor tuning


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I was trying to tune motors in new release of Power PMAC Suite, but when I pressed "Do a Step Move" in position loop interactive tuning window, the software crashed

and restarted itself. The small note: the motors are in gantry - follower mode.

Please, advise.

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I just tried a simple test of gantry follower with motors 2 following 1:

Motor[2].ServoCtrl = 8

Motor[2].CmdMotor = 1


I was able to step motor 1 without issue. Can you provide details on your motor setup and firmware version? This may be better handled a technical support issue contact us at support@deltatau.com with the details.

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I am having the same issue where the IDE ( crashes when I attempt to do a open step response.


Primary option: I know that i can do an update to my firmware to fix this, however right now I'm stuck at 1.5.8 since when I upgrade any higher, my code doesn't run correctly at it did before. So I always had to revert back


Backup option: I believe that I was able to do the tuning fine with my old IDE (version however, when I go to download filedepot to download it, the file is only about 9 mb in size. Where is it supposed to be ~700 mb in size. Is there a way I can get access to this old version of the IDE?




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Hello Steve,


I have found the problem with homing procedure (look at line 46 in my attached file sub_home.pmc):


there is an expression:


gatenumber = int((inMtrNr-1)/4)


in case when inMtrNr = 4 or 6, the result is wrong - 1 and 2 accordingly (should be 0 and 1).

Please, check it.

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I've attempted to start the tuning process with the old IDE (1.6.9) and I'm getting the same behavior that the IDE crashes when I try to do a step. I'm in the process of upgrading my firmware, but there are some unexpected hurdles that I need to leap over before that happens flawlessly.


Any suggestions I should try? I've tried tuning using the newest IDE and 1.6.9 and both do the same thing.

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