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lighttpd Xenomai: binding failed


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I am building a c++ gci website on a pp. When I compile and link my source code with the linking command below I can run the output program from the command line without any issues. I will see the HTML code on my screen with the correct data from the PP. however when I try to access the webpage I get the error message below about binding failed in the lighttpd error log. I quick google search got me the link below which leads me to believe that this is an issue with the group rights for www-data. But I am not sure what I need to do to add the lighttpd web server to the correct group to access the xenomai library required by libppmac.


If I remove all references to the PP libraries and compile my program without linking to the PP libraries lighttpd will serve up my index.cgi webpage without any issues so the only problem I am dealing with at the moment is that lighttpd isn't able to run a program which uses the xenomai library.


g++ -L /opt/ppmac/libppmac -L/usr/local/xenomai/lib -g -Wall main.o HTML_elementBase.o body.o a.o img.o -o /var/www/cgi-bin/index.cgi -l:libppmac.so \

-l:librtdk.so -l:libpthread_rt.so -l:librtdm.so -l:libxenomai.so


Xenomai: binding failed: Operation not permitted.



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I removed the following two lines from lighttpd.conf allowing lighttpd to run as root. This has corrected the issue and my index.cgi file will run correctly now.


# change uid to (default: don't care)

#server.username = "www-data"


## change uid to (default: don't care)

#server.groupname = "www-data"

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