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non blocking version of GetResponse()


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We have some code in a C++ program which reads:


bool ZHeadCtrl::StartTrace(Context * c)


ENTRY(c, Name);

char szdata[CHAR_BUF_SIZE + 1];

if (GetResponse(const_cast("Gather.enable = 2"), szdata, CHAR_BUF_SIZE, 0)) {


EXIT(c, Name);



EXIT(c, Name);

return true;



The problem is I want to make this non-blocking. I think I could substitute the GetResponse with a Command .. so something like



if (Command(const_cast("Gather.enable = 2")) {...}


However the documentation does not specify whether or not Command is blocking or not, nor does it tell me if it is non-blocking how I might get the response later.


Please help..

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