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Acc-11m startup?


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Is there a minimum startup time for initialization of the ACC11m? The only way I can get the 11 do go from disconnected to ready (status LED d to status O) is to issue a macroslave$$$n from the IDE.

I have added reset to both the beginning and end of the pp_startup.txt, and also in PLC1. I have added timers up to 10 seconds delaying it until issuing a cmd"macroslave$$$3"; All with no change in state. Only the reset from the IDE command prompt will change the macro state from disconnected to ready.

There are no plcs running in the 11M. Should there be?

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This should be ready shortly after power on. No MACRO16 PLCC is needed.

Are you using switch setup or Ring Order?


Switch method.

Copley drives come up without issue, but 11M remains in a "d" state until macroslave$$$3 is issued from the console. We have a subsequent file read by the PPMAC for personalization that is basically a gpascii -i/file so I have added the reset to that and it works ok, but this should not be necessary.

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