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PowerBrick project compiling


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I have started with a new project for PowerBrick LV.

I have taken the following example and tried to compile it:


Default Encoder Conversion Table for quadrature incremental encoders:

EncTable[1].type = 1;

EncTable[1].pEnc = PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].ServoCapt.a;

EncTable[1].pEnc1 = Sys.Pushm;

EncTable[1].index1 = 0;

EncTable[1].index2 = 0;

EncTable[1].index3 = 0;

EncTable[1].index4 = 0;

EncTable[1].index5 = 0;

EncTable[1].ScaleFactor = 1 / 256;

Default settings for quadrature incremental encoders:

Motor[1].ServoCtrl = 1; // Channel activation

Motor[1].pEnc = EncTable[1].a; // Position source data

Motor[1].pEnc2 = EncTable[1].a; // Velocity source data


PPMAC Suite IDE ( with the last firmware from 24 may 2016) has given an error #70. I understood that the compiler doesn't know PowerBrick structure. Could you explain me, please, what was wrong?


Thank you in advance.



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Can you enter this in the terminal window?

What is retuned for these structures:






Here are returned values:

Gate3[0].PartNum = 618089

Gate3[0].PartOpt0 = $ffffffff

Gate3[0].PartRev = 15

Gate3[0].PartType = 15

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This Brick appears to have corrupted programming in the “Auto Recognition” EEPROM. You should be able to use the programming from the Power Brick manual by changing “PowerBrick[x]” with “Gate3[x]” for the gate3 structures references only.


I believe I can look up a method to reprogram the Auto Recognition” EEPROM. I will get back to you shortly.

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