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I am unable to connect to the Power Clipper.

I can ping it fine but every time I try to connect with the IDE i get an error message saying one of the following:


Power PMAC connection faild for the device . Please check login parameters and try again.




Gpascii connect failed for the device . Please Cycle power device and then reconnect. If the problem persists then please contact Delta Tau Support.



So I have tried power cycling it many times and get the same problem every time. I tried a different Ethernet cable but I can still ping the device fine so it must be a hardware/software issue with the Power Clipper.


I looked on the forum but was unable to find information on how to flash the Power Clipper via a USB pen. I also saw something that mentions resetting back to factory settings if the E3 jumper is used but there does not seem to be an E3 jumper on my Power Clipper.


So for now it is an expensive paperweight as it refuses to connect to the IDE.

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To restore a Power PMAC to factory default via USB, create a folder named "PowerPmacFactoryReset" in the root directory of the flashdrive, insert it into a (powered off) PPMAC, and then turn the PPMAC on. Once it has fully booted, remove the flashdrive. For a Power Clipper, it should be fully booted once LED D10 is green and D15 is amber. This should be equivalent to issuing a "$$$***" on the unit.


Given that you can't communicate via Ethernet, two other possibilities would be that the communication firmware needs to be reloaded or the interfaces file on the PPMAC was altered. If you would like and the previous steps do not work, repeat the same process, but this time naming the folder "PowerPmacIP". When you look at the flashdrive after the Clipper fully booted, there should be 2 files inside of the folder--"boot.log" and "interfaces". Send those files to support at deltatau dot com and we may be able to see if there's something wrong in the interfaces file itself.


To see a full list of the folders you can use on a flashdrive plugged into a Power PMAC, feel free to look at this thread: http://forums.deltatau.com/showthread.php?tid=572

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