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recently my communication module based on Power PMAC Component stopped working. I found that GetResponse function returns status "TimeOut" instead of "OK".

Also, I found out, that our application must send a huge amount of data when the problem happens. So, my question, is there any parameter (wait time) that should be adjusted according to amount of data is going to be sent to the controller? Or maybe any other solution?

Please, advise.

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Dear Steve,


Look at my log file.

You can see that I am trying to send 12500 lines like

"&1 open Rotary M1==3 Z-267.210570803917Y389.866514857707A-0.358278226601289B89.3536535032119X782.157273835703 Close ", of course, positions are different from line to line. When I try do so, the connection is lost.

TIMEOUT problem happens on the next loop, so, it happens because of the lost connection. But, can you help me with the original problem?


I tried to increase buffer size while defining rotary buffer:


"&1 define rotary bufferSize"


Then, I tried to add buffer size as last parameter of ConnectGpAscii function:

connection.ConnectGpAscii(ipaddress, port, user, password, bufferSize).

But, the situation is still same. I cannot send a big amount of data(commands) with a single call of GetResponse function. Looks like there is a limitation of buffer size.

If I have short trajectories, let's say 2500 lines, it is working perfectly.

Please, advise.


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