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Not able to configure digital output of servotronix


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We are trying to map Digital output of servotronix drive in PDO. The object number for the output is 60FEh and with index 1 and 2. When I open "Add New from Dictionary Object" buttton. After this we are not able to select the proper index number as we need only index-1 and index-2 . Index 0 is not required and not available as PDO mapping.


We are using latest xml file from servotronix. Can please tell us how to configure index 1 and index-2 of 60FEh object.


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You have two options:

1. Contact Servotronics and ask them to modify their *.xml file to correctly represent 0x60fe sub-index 1 and 2, under Variable Mappings.

2. Map (Inputs) 0x60fd and (Following Error Actual Value) 0x60f4. Search on "60fd" and "60f4" from within your *.cfg file. Change all materials related to the first entry to 60fe, sub-index 1 and the other to 60fe, sub-index 2. This is size/type sensitive, so keep an eye on any differences between the two objects and make any necessary adjustments.


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