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Homing procedure in Gantry Mode Power Brick


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We are trying to implement a Homing procedure in Gantry Mode Power Brick,

Motor Xa is the leader and Motor Xb is the follower,

Minus and Plus HW limits are connected only at one side of the rail at Flags 1-4 X13.

While preforming Home procedure, only Xa became at Home complete flag while Xb is waiting endless for home complete.


what could be the reason for that?


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If you have two separate motors using the same physical flag for homing, you have to point Motor[x].pLimits of both motors to the same hardware channel (e.g. PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].Status.a for both if using channel 0) into which the home flag is wired. Otherwise by default, your Xb will probably be looking at a channel that has nothing wired into it.
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In our case Motor[1].pLimits = Motor[2].pLimits = PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].Status.a. But, anyway, only Motor[1].HomeComplete gets true.

For follower motor Motor[2].HomeInProgress is true and nothing happens.

Here is our sequence:

1) Set leader/follower mode:

Motor[1].ServoCtrl = 1;

Motor[2].ServoCtrl = 8

Motor[2].CmdMotor = 1


2)Set CS:



3)Home Procedure:

- jog X1 and X2 until limit

- home 1,2 from limit and stop

- set max and min positions


Please, advise.

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