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project config file error


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Occasionally config file creation will fail when trying to generate a configuration file in the the solution explorer.


The text in the output window is:

Could not generate the project configuration file.

Generation of pp_diff.cfg failed: Error in section [bUFIO]


I've tried fixing this by re-compiling and downloading the project, then saving. Sometimes this will allow config file generation, sometimes not. What causes this error?



Firmware is latest, I believe.




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This is typically cause by upload/download timing. If the project is very large especially with encryption this can happen because the IDE may timeout and not properly accept data. There is a registry setting in the IDE that may work to increase the timeout:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Delta Tau Data Systems Inc\Global Settings\ProtocolTimeout

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will trying lengthening the timeout.


The project isn't large, but I do have a couple of background C plcs and a rather large realtime C usrcode routine. All of that can take up to 20-30 seconds to compile. I wonder if that is causing the timeout??


I am using a UMAC Power PMAC, with the dual core (465) processor.


In case that doesn't fix it, what product/CPU type are you using?

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