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Can't get PMAC input pins recognized : SOLVED


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The PMAC came to me in an assembly with power supply. The power supply had 5V & -+12, and the -+12V were wired to the POWER IN terminal block, as though the intention was to run coupled to the machines on JMACH. All of the E85...E90 jumpers were set to run de coupled (default), so the +-12V didn't need to be there. I pulled the +-12V off the PMAC block and used them to power pin 58 & 59 on JMAC. Now works as expected.


I have a PMAC-MINI I'm integrating, and I'm stuck.


First, the board was factory reset before I started with it.


The board seems to function properly, I can talk to it over RS-232, and I connected two Pittman motor encoders, and can see position updates (^P) when I twiddle the motors.



Then I went to verify the board was seeing LIM+, LIM- and AMP ERROR. I get nothing.


I hooked a bench top DC supply set to 12V to pins 58,59,60. I checked E85,87,89,90, they are all set to factory default.


I defined recommended MVARS for LIM-, LIM+ and ERROR for all four motors.






So to test LIM+ / LIM- I connected pins 51 and 53 to 58 (AGRND)


M121 and M122 STILL return 1


shouldn't they return 0?




So far every jumper on my board I've checked has been the factory default setup.

I125 is set to 00C000

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Please contact DT support for this issue: support@deltatau.com or 800-556-6766.


I can't see anything wrong with the described setup.


Can you send the wiring diagram?


Are you using old ribbon cables? If so, it could be a problem with continuity in a connector, a common problem.

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