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GEO MACRO Communication Reset


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I have a GeoMACRO Drive connected to a GEOBRICK as the MACRO Master. Everything was working fine and MACRO was setup and communicating. After using an MS4,MI996 to a value of $F4037 (It was $F4030 before when working) and saving and resetting, I cannot access it the drive through MACRO anymore.

Using the MACRO ASCII setup does not see the drive. Starting right from a $$$*** and using MACRO ASCII setup in PEWIN32PRO2 fails to see the drive. I have a 24M2A and a 65M which can be communicated with but the GEOMACRO drive will not. The green MACRO light is illuminated and no errors are present but no ASCII communication available.

1. Can I reset it to factory defaults some how?

2. Can I access the I variables on the drive using the USB port on the front? I can open the port but how is it supposed to work? Straight terminal commands (if so I got no response) or PEWIN32PRO2?




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