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Home Zero on Ethercat drives


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The current position of an Ethercat drive is a 4 byte (32 bit register $6064:0).

When a spindle rolls over the maximum value (2^32 - 1) I assume there is a register somewhere that increments so that values greater than 2^32 can be computed.


My problem is how do you reset this register?


I Home zero the Ethercat drive by writing direct to the Ethercat registers



sdo=ecatsdo(0,5,$6098,0,35,0) // Home current Position

sdo=ecatsdo(0,5,$6060,0,6,0) // Set Drive in Homing Mode

sdo=ecatsdo(0,5,$6040,0,31,0) // Start homing

sdo=ecatsdo(0,5,$6040,0,15,0) //control word back to normal

sdo=ecatsdo(0,5,$6060,0,8,0) //Back to CycSyncPos Mode


This works fine and sets the $6064:0 to zero however it obviously doesn't clear the PPMAC registers bits 33 and above


Now I could just set Motor[x].HomePos = 0x1,0000,0000 but I'd prefer to actually clear the register

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