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IDE v3, 465, and usrcode (realtime routines)


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I thought I would give the v3 IDE a whirl. Very excited about the new shell.


I was asked to install 465 compiler on trying to build.


But, our project does not build. Neither does a blank project with usrcode active:


IDE3Test.ppproj(89,5): error : Makefile:327: /opt/powerpc-465-rootfs/usr/src/linux-3.2.21-serengeti-smp/scripts/Kbuild.include: No such file or directory

IDE3Test.ppproj(89,5): error : /bin/sh: /opt/powerpc-465-rootfs/usr/src/linux-3.2.21-serengeti-smp/scripts/gcc-goto.sh: No such file or directory

IDE3Test.ppproj(89,5): error : make: *** empty variable name. Stop.


Indeed kbuild.include and gcc-goto.sh (in fact the whole scripts folder) are not present. They are present on a v2 install.


What went wrong?

What should I do?


EDIT: A full reinstall didn't fix. It might help to know 460 and CK3E build without error. A quick run in WinMerge between v2 and v3 compilers clearly shows the missing files for 465.




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Was there any resolution to this?


I am having the same problem with a new V3 install. I did contact technical support on Friday, but I have not heard back from them yet. Hoping that pinging the problem here will help.


For what it is worth, I was running V2 IDE with no issues. When I installed V3 I was not able compile c-code for the 465 processor.


Other than the problems with not being able to compile, I liked the new shell. Overall it seemed snappier and and I really like that intellisense works offline now!


I have a laptop running Win7 Enterprise 64bit, with 16G ram.




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