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Test for not a number (nan)


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Unit101; I agree, isnan() should work but it doesn't compile / link. I get Error : implicit declaration of function 'isnan'


The other one that doesn't compile / link is remainder(). I assume I'm meant to use frem() but who knows.


Thanks Steve, myisnan() does compile / link, I'll find out next week on the machine if it actually does what it says on the tin.


I ask again, is there a manual listing the math functions and the headers that need to be included and indeed any pragma or #defines necessary to compile /link these functions.

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I just tried this in my "C" program working on today... see below, it compiled, build, downloads to pmac fine.


if (main_interface->input.command.program_running == true)


//bcat-progRun_1 Note:

// - now this state is skipped because .program_running bit is DISABLED

xdcf_cntrl->xdcf_state_step = xdcf_floating_check_state;





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