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Usage of Ethercat Hydraulic Proportional Valves with Power Pmac


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I am wondering if anyone has used a proportional hydraulic valve interfaced via Ethercat with the power pmac? If so which valve have you use? Anyone knows of any supported hydraulic valves over ethercat?
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Option 1) Go to "https://www.ethercat.org/en/products.html" and search for 'Slave Devices' and 'Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Systems'.

Choices are limited, Moog and Parker will show up for hydraulic servo/proportional.


Option 2) Same page, look for 'I/O systems'. You can use any valve you prefer by commanding it with a suitable analog signal (+-10v). You'll also need a power supply for the valve amplifier, and perhaps some additional I/O points depending on your valve preference. Stability should be fine if using a closed loop valve/amplifier system, but this does not guarantee system bandwidth.........


Option 3) Also in 'I/O Systems', you might be able to find a current output device suitable to drive the solenoid directly if your valve has no spool position feedback. You'll want to be careful that throughput will keep up as this is similar to closing the torque loop in a conventional motor application.


Option 4) Under the 'Drives' heading, you might be able to find a suitable amplifier that will drive the valve solenoid directly.


Option 5) Wait 6 months and there'll likely be more choices....


You'll obviously also need position or force/pressure feedback from your mechanical system.

It would be nice if there were a packaged interface for this, and there may be - but I do not know of any.

For option 2&3 be sure to evaluate slew rate of the output signal.

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