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  1. I am wondering if anyone has used a proportional hydraulic valve interfaced via Ethercat with the power pmac? If so which valve have you use? Anyone knows of any supported hydraulic valves over ethercat?
  2. I have a large project on a turbo pmac which needs to be ported to a power pmac. Only plcs, plccs and motion programs. The UI for the project is a vb.net interface that talks with the turbo via pcommserver. Questions: 1. Is there a list of "areas" where the code will have to be modified? 2. Any consultants that want to take on the task?
  3. Thanks CharlesP. Follow-up: Any documentation/examples on setting the communication baud, parity, etc..? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have a turbo clipper and I have a need to interface to a amplifier that measures pressures via the main serial port on the clipper. Does any one knows the frequency in which I could get data via the serial interface? Thanks,
  5. What about PLC's greater than 10? Even with the password I can still upload the entire configuration file which contains all programs... I need to protect everything! Is it possible?
  6. Does anyone have any code examples to set the IP address of a PMAC from an application in VB.NET (or in C#)? I need to provide this functionality in my HMI application - I do not want the user to access EthUSBConfigure.exe.
  7. Thanks Sina. The problem was that the value I wanted was M105->Y:$78005,12,12,S and I though that GetGatherSamples would return the value without any offset on the referenced parameter. If turns out that GetGatherSamples return the value with the 12 bit offset as well. The solution was just to shift the returned value 11 bits to the right.
  8. I am using a PMAC turbo without DPR. A HMI written in VB.NET is used to setup various recipes parameters and also to collect cycle data. I have setup Data Gathering to collect position and following errors along the cycle. It is all working fine as shown on the cycle plot attached. The problem I am having is to add gathering for an analog input value that is defined as [color=#FF0000][b]M105->Y:$78005,12,12,S (only 12 bits)[/b][/color] I use the following routines from PcommServer: PcommServer.SetGather(_deviceNumber, 16, "Y:$78005", True, bStatus) Once the HMI is notified that data is avaialble I get the data as follows: PcommServer.CollectGatherData(_deviceNumber, iNumSources, iNumSamples, bPmacStatus) iUpperBound = iNumSamples - 1 ReDim AnalogInput1(iUpperBound) PcommServer.GetGatherSamples(_deviceNumber, 16, AnalogInput1, bStatus) AnalogInput1 is defined as a Double in VB which is 8 bytes. The question is:: How do I unpack the value being returned by GetGatherSamples – AnalogInput1 which is 8 bytes. I have tried all sorts of masks but I am not getting the correct value (If I just poll the M105 values with calls to GetResponseEx I get the correct values so I know the input is good. I must be doing something wrong with my mask. The latest I have tried is: Ai1(iSample) = AnalogInput1(iSample) And &HFFFFFF (get the lower 3 bytes) Thanks
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