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Masterstate is in unknown mode


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I try to push my ethercat configuration embeded in an eni file generated by software ec eng. Problem stated in setup message of ethercat system setup: MasterState is in Unknown mode please type "ecat reset" in terminal window.


This command don't seem's to exist command, I only have ecat resetSafety.


Can you help me on this ?

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What type Power PMAC is this ?

- I assume it is a CK3E with Acontis Ecat


In Watch Window put this register and monitor "Ecat[0].MasterState


My guess it is now "0"

You will make no progress until this changes to "2"

I suspect you have a problem with your Ecat network devices....


1. do you have anything connected to ECAT ?

2. in terminal clear the PMAC with $$$***, Save, $$$

2. try just connecting ONE device that you trust to the network.

3. Power cycle the PMAC with ECAT device...


Check the .MasterState... if it goes to 2 you are ok and should be able to go ahead.


I have seen when NOTHING connected to ECAT it will power up in unknown mode with .MasterState = 0 .... with this you can do nothing with ecat...


After connecting ECAT you must POWER CYCLE... the $$$ will NOT fix the issue.


hope this helps...


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Hi unit101 !


Thanks for your answer.


Your asumption where right.


I finally manage to make it work but now I'm back on this problem.


It is probably related to the fact that I try to update ec eng (v2.5 vs 2.8) to solve an other problem related to ESI... Now as soon as I try to connect with ec eng, the communication between pmac and IDE crash... I also received a beautifull pop up stating : "Failed to configure Marster-unit: Time-out (ErrCode : 0x98110010)"...


Unforgotly your step to resolve this problem didn't work.

When I go with ec eng. without passig with pmac with network that I know where working: All good.


I will uninstall everything and install back to see if my little finger was right.

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Well, I thought I was good by installing everything from zero (4hrs...), removing key registers, appdata, ... until I've start to add ENI file from system config. I've got a beautifull freezing window and communication loss with pmac...


Note that I also try to use V3.0 of pmac ide before to have problem (but I don't thinnk that this is the problem).

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