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Tracking a Moving Object


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I have had good success with "Tracking a Moving Object" in the Turbo PMAC and I wanted to know if this document was for the Power PMAC. If not where I would find the Power PMAC version of the example.


I notice there are no PMATCH commands as you change following modes. in the Turbo PMAC you typically needed something like this:







Is PMATCH not needed in the PowerPMAC for this application?


Even when i do find a few sparse examples of PMATCH in the Users Manual it is not preceded and followed by DWELL commands in the motion program, is this correct?



Tracking a Moving Object.pdf

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With forward an inverse kinematics setup using only X-Axis for simplicity I should see C6 and L1 update when watching online right? they both stay at Zero and i am getting the classic Kinematics 'jump' when moving from 'Line Following Mode' to 'Normal Mode'




Below is my setup

Motor 1 is my X-Axis

Motor 3 is my belt tracking encoder (line encoder)



// Global Definitions

global KinematicsMode;

global NormalMode = 1,LineFollowingMode = 2;

global EncoderPosCaptured, TrackingOffset;


#define KinPosMotor1 L1 // Motor Position in Counts

#define KinPosAxisX C6 // Coordinate System Position in Inches

#define KinAxisUsed D0 // See table below for examples or page 472 of the Users Manual


// Coordinate system definition

&1 // Select C.S. #1

#1 -> I // Use Kinematics for Motor 1

Coord[1].SegMoveTime = 2 // 2 mSec segmentation period (required to be > 0 for kinematics)


// Forward kinematics

&1 // Address Coordinate System 1

open forward // Open Forward Kinematics Buffer

KinAxisUsed = $40 // Specify X axis used in inverse kinematics

if(Coord[1].HomeComplete){ // Have all axes in this coordinate system Completed Home?

KinPosAxisX = KinPosMotor1 / 20320; // X-Axis Tool Tip Position Calculation


else { // Not valid; halt operation

KinPosAxisX = sqrt(-1); // Return "not-a-number“ for X axis


close // Close Forward kinematics buffer




// Inverse kinematics

&1 // Address coordinate system 1

open inverse // Open buffer, clear contents

if(KinematicsMode == NormalMode){ //Check if we are in 'Normal Mode'

KinPosAxisX = KinPosAxisX; // Inverse kinematic equations for NO Tracking


if(KinematicsMode == LineFollowingMode){ //Check if we are in 'Line Following Mode' and Apply the Tracking Offset

//Get the Current Line Encoder Position, Subtract from the Captured Position, and Convert to Inches

TrackingOffset = (Motor[3].ActPos - EncoderPosCaptured) / 53333;

KinPosAxisX = KinPosAxisX + TrackingOffset; // Apply TrackingOffset to the X-Axis of the Coordinate System


KinPosMotor1 = KinPosAxisX * 20320; // Scale Position to Counts


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Below is the motion program for the above kinematics.

When we want to enable tracking we simply set EnableHwJogBit and run the program (&1b3r)

The line encoder runs slowly but constantly


Since I see no change in L1 or C6 I assume PMATCH is actually doing nothing, causing the jumps. If I should see change in L1 and C6 what should I look to change? If I should not see change in L1 and C6 what should I be looking for from here?





//Motion Program

open prog 3




F 1 // Set Feed Rate to 1inch/sec

Ta 0.250 // Set accel time to 0.250 sec


X 2.0 // Move to position 1



EncoderPosCaptured = Motor[3].ActPos // Get Current Line Encoder Position

KinematicsMode = LineFollowingMode // Enable Part Belt Tracking Mode

DWELL 10 cmd"&1PMATCH" DWELL 10 // Do ths every time you change kinematics modes


while(EnableHwJogBit == 1){ // Track with Line Encoder

X 2.0

// ******SMALL JUMP HERE******************************************************************


KinematicsMode = NormalMode // Disable Line Encoder Tracking Mode

DWELL 10 cmd"&1PMATCH" DWELL 10 // Do ths every time you change kinematics modes

// ******LARGE JUMP HERE******************************************************************

X 0 // Move back to home



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I may have answered my own question, it looks like my error was correctly setting up Lookahead, which limits the max speed and acceleration of a move. Basically this controls how aggressively you 'jump' to the PMATCH position after changing following modes.


If anyone feels there is something more I am missing on this please let me know.



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