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Unable to calculate due to multiple peaks


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recently, I was in the middle of the motor tuning process and strange message came in result graph many times instead of Damping Ratio, Natural Frequency and Overshoot values - "Unable to calculate due to multiple peaks". Please, advise.


Attached are files and picture that might be will help to understand what was the reason for that.


Thank you in advance.




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The problem is that the IDE must look at the plot and make some decisions about where the peak is at etc. Something about the shape of this plot is confusing the IDE's algorithm. It could be caused by the slight upwards position move at about 150msec. Or by some other small peaks we do not see well in the plot.


Eitherway, since you say it happens randomly there is nothing you can do to make the IDE behave better. You should just look at the shape yourself. You should be able to visualize the rise time close enough to know if the change from a previous test move was good or not. Rise time is the time to 90% of the command value. Likewise you can see the shape of the plot and know if the overshoot is close to what you want. In my experience the calculated numbers are also just estimates since usually they will change on subsequent moves even if the gains stay the same.

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