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Resetting Mxx67 after changing Ixx06


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Just wondering the best way to clear an axis handwheel offset if setting the input to the master to zero didn't work.


Usual Method (axis 3):

We override a motion path by enabling master following I306=3 and then inputting an offset into the address defined by I305. (This goes through an exponential filter in ECT). To clear the offset we usually set the offset input to 0 which moves M367 back to 0.


Problems (crash):

There are times that setting the input to the filter to 0 doesn't totally clear M367. Therefore the present master position has an offset. What is the best way to get rid of the offset in M367?

I tried to turn off following I306=0, then #3PMATCH, then write M367=0 which caused the axis move very fast but it clears it. I won't to avoid this rapid movement but totally clear the present master position. What is the recommended approach.









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