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Is it possible to use a LVDT sensor with a Gate3 + Resolver feedback option ?


I mean, does the PPmac can use directly the wires +/-Ref, +/-Sin, +/-cos of a LVDT (of course without adding a LVDT signal conditionner) as it is possible for a Resolver.


If yes, what configuration i have to do ?

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This should be possible, but -- WORD OF WARNING -- it has not been tested at all by us.


You will want to use the excitation output to the LVDT and then read the stimulated "sine" and "cosine" feedback signal values directly.


You will need to optimize the phase, magnitude and frequency of the excitation signal in a manner similar to that for a resolver. However, you cannot use the Gate3's "SumOfSquares" value to do this -- you will need to look at the raw feedback values in the channels AdcEnc[0] and AdcEnc[1] registers and try to maximize the difference for a given position.


In operation, you will want to use ECT entries with EncTable[n].type = 1 to read the AdcEnc[0] and [1] registers. Then you will use an EncTable[n].type = 9 entry to compute the difference between these values. The resulting difference should be usable as a position value.

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