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Backup CFG not Working - but machine is running for 5 years - Crazy..


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When previous technician said that Delta Tau (Umac Turbo) were going crazy in the past. I did not believe them. But now it happened to me twice in a row for different machine. (The other instance, I will post on another thread).


Machine is running since for so long now (5 years). We have 3 cfg backup made through out these years. Yesterday, we decided to edit 6 lines of codes. For example M4017=1 to M4017=0.


When I did a restore of the edited cfg, the machine did not run. I found that this is because

IF(M4420=1) - M4420 must be equal to 1 for the machine to run.

So using text editor, I find all for M4420 and the result is below:


Line 2941: IF(M4420=1)

Line 3628: AND(M4420=1)

Line 3810: AND(M4420=1)

Line 4107: OR(M4420=0)

Line 4193: OR(M4420=0)

Line 7966: AND(M4420=1)

Line 8149: AND(M4420=1)

Line 8432: OR(M4420=0)

Line 8518: OR(M4420=0)

Line 29630: M4420->*


To my surprise. There is no code that will make M4420=1.

So I add this code under PLC 1.


My question are:

1) How the hell did the machine run for 5 years. Without this one line of code which is essential?


2) I did a backup, edit one line, make a restore of edited cfg. Now the machine is broke? make a restore of the backup cfg just made. Machine still broken?

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The backup records the M variable definitions but it does not record the values (P and Q variable values are recorded). The M variable values for a self referenced M variable (M4420->*) are stored in the PMACs flash memory so if the value was correct when the last SAVE was done the machine will keep working.


As you have discovered, if you reset the PMAC and restore a backup the machine will not run if the variables have not been correctly initialised in the startup PLC.

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Would it make any difference what options are selected when running a backup??

I recall there are a few to choose from....

ie - quite possible to run a 'backup' that is not sufficient to make a full restoration.


This is very true.


The Pewin32 manual has a great description of what constitutes a "minimal" backup.

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