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Our team is working on designing of few controllers for position control applications.For system identification of plant we require power pmac servo analyser tool. Can anyone tell us whether the tool is available for download.If not,where can one get this tool and what will be the estimated cost of the tool.
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What is the latest version of Power Pmac servo analyser that will be provided if we ought to buy it?


There are 3 version out there, along with a couple version 2.0 that in Programs and features list as 2.0 and in help about list as or or

Pretty much scattered.

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In Power PMAC Servo Analyzer, the FFT-based frequency response function is measured and estimated through a chirp or a random signal excitation applied to the closed loop state. With corresponding data gathered from Power PMAC, the cross power spectrum between the input and output signals and the auto-power spectrum of the input signal are calculated from FFT, and then the ratio of the cross power spectrum over the auto-power spectrum is used to estimate the frequency response function between the input and output signals.
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