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CK3E Firmware Download MIA AND ALL 2.4.1.x Firmware download links MIA


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Based on README firmware descriptions and given that I have a CK3E unit, one would think that I need to download:


powerpmacARM_Posix .. Omron uPower PMAC (CK3E Acontis EtherCAT)


but in FILEDEPOT we have all sorts of inconsistent nomenclature except never powerpmacARM_POSIX, so what exactly do I download for a CK3E unit? There is a powerpmacARM download - is that the right one?


Here is what README says:


Firmware Descriptions


powerpmac460ex ...... Power UMAC 460 CPU and Power Brick

powerpmac465 ........ Power UMAC/CPCI/Clipper 465 CPU

powerpmacARM ........ Power UMAC ARM (hardware not yet released)

powerpmacARM_Posix .. Omron uPower PMAC (CK3E Acontis EtherCAT)

powerpmacWIN_Posix .. Omron IPC Windows (NY51[]-A Acontis EtherCAT)

powerpmacX86_Posix .. Omron IPC Linux (Acontis EtherCAT)


Please see the "Release Notes" folder for firmware update information.




Where are the links for version 2.4.1.x or firmware download? See attached screenshot.


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For reference, that is the current answer. We are still looking for a better solution.


We hope to be able to post firmware on the site for Omron in the Americas shortly (preferably under the individual product pages), though this is still in progress. We likely will not post all firmware versions there, however the intent would be to have at least the last few releases.


For a bit of the "behind the curtain" stuff (and to also answer your question about, the attached picture is one of the current proposals.


Black Box = Doesn't exist and/or not released

White Box = Previously released

Yellow Box = Released, proposed to post online

(Note that the "merged" boxes mean that a single firmware file works on multiple form factors)


The hope would also be that, if we can resume posting firmware publicly, other regions would follow suit and supply it to their customers in a similar manner.


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