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Dear all,

On the IDE 4, the scripts files I add or insert are not ordered alphabetically.

It cause variables mapping desorder (between variables in the script (plc/prog) and variables interrogation through gpascii).


Comparing IDE3 and IDE4 project files I found this new tag: 2


How can i remove this option ?



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The IDE will download the files in the order they appear in the project manager (with respect to a specific folder). In previous versions, this was always alphabetical, and there was no choice. We had managed this by using prefixes before each file (typically numbering them--"01-", "02-", etc.). As Tony noted, as of IDE 4, this is no longer required, as you can now manually re-order the files and therefore the order in which they download.
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so starting at ID4 the script files are not ordered alphabetically.


My issue then might be the mapping done for the C code ("pp_proj.h") which seems to still map using alphabet order.


Please have a look at the attachment. Mapping for C and Script seems different (look at P_01 and P_02:

P_01 is P8193 in Script, but is mapped has P8192 in pp_proj.h


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