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Geobrick Modbus TCP/IP client to ID 0 server not supported


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Dear All


I'm trying to power up the ModBus TCP/IP communication between Geobrick (Client) and RS232 to Modbus TCP/IP translator (Server).

But there is no way to have the communication OK because the server can't answer ModBus request with ID 0 that send the Geobrick.

Is there a way to change the ID number in the ModBus commande i67 + offset registers from 0 to 1 for example?

For memories the ModBus request are looking like:

ID + FC + Addr register + Length registers.

Today the Geobrick send 00 04 0014 0014 and the server would like to receive 01 04 0014 0014 ( ID 1, ModBus fonction 4, Start register address 20, and 20 registers read.


I was not able to find the answer in the "Modbus Definition and Design" documentation.


Many thanks for your help.



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There is no way to change this in Turbo. That functionality was never added probably because Ethernet uses IP addresses for identification.


In case it matters, it looks like it can be done with a Power PMAC (using Modbus[x].Config.UnitID).

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