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Problem Error .C


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Hello. Please tell me how you can fix the error .C

With I have two identical Geo PMAC Drive GIL102M0 and both have the same error problem as in the photo.


At the same time, the + 3V lamp does not light up and the REG lamp lights up


There may be a nutrition problem. I fed the system with one phase 220v and three phases 380v each 136v But this did not work.


Could this mean that my GIL102M0 are not working and need repair? :(


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An error code of "C" is for an Under Voltage Fault. Here is the description:

The DC bus internal to the Geo drive has decreased below a factory pre-set threshold of 16 to 30Vdc (no AC input power to the drive).


To see other error messages, find "error codes" in the table of contents of this manual.


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