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IDE V4.3.2.19 Motor Commission Motor Acceleration Controll buggy


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Entering values to Motor[x].InvAmax rsp Motor[x].InvDmax get wrongly displayed in IDE Solution Explorer - Motor – Commission – Motor Acceleration Control – Max. Programmed Accel. rsp Max. Programmed Final Decel for values < 10


The other way around works correctly.


See attached file.


I am assuming you are not using commissioning screen and entering values directly from terminal.

When you enter the value using terminal window the default units for PMAC (Millisecond2 / motor unit) . If you match the units from the commissioning page and enter the appropriate value to terminal window then the IDE UI view will display correct value. For example from the PDF provided I changed the commissioning unit to msec2 and now my vales are displayed correct even if I entered in the from terminal.

Though our recommendation is to use the tool and as you pointed it works.

Best regards,


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Thank you Atul!

Maybe it was not clear - here a screenshot.

First I entered into the terminal Motor[1].InvAmax=1 and let Motor[1].InvDmax=0.1

The UI shows wrong values with 1E-06 and 1E-07 for InvAmax and InvDmax.


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