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Data upload with PcommServer

yasuhiro kataoka

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Delta Tau

Person in charge



Thank you for your help.

I have a question about PCOMMSERVERLib.


VB6.0 is used for the development environment.

I want to back up data such as PLC, Motion, I, P, Q, M-define like Backup-config of PeWin32Pro2.



1. Specify the file path

2. Set the item to upload (Motion, PLC, etc.)

3. Execute Upload function


Is it possible to back up data by such a simple process?


Is there some simple sample code that uses the Upload function?

(For VB6.0)

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This is described in the PcommServer manual in the chapter “UPLOAD PMAC CONFIGURATION” starting on page 57 (59 electronic).


Delta Tau

Person in charge


Thank you for your help.


There is no such section in this manual.


Where can I get the manual?


The PCommServerLib software has been officially purchased in the past.


Software assets developed in VB6.0 and older languages

You need to migrate to Pcommserver.


Please give me advice.

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The PcommServer manual is only provided with the installation of the library product:



The manual is not available otherwise. Please contact your local Omron distributor to purchase the product.


→ I understand the contents of the manual.

Contact OMRON to order the product.


I am sorry to ask you many times


Something like a software library with sample code in VB6.0

Is it sold separately?


About the current problem

I can download using PCOMMSRVER.Lib, but when I try to execute Upload

* The error "Compile error; user-defined type cannot be passed byVal" occurs.

The cause cannot be determined. (At VB6.0)


The sample code tested is as follows.


<<< Module1.bas >>>

Option Explicit

Public PmacDoc As New PCOMMSERVERLib.PmacDevice

Public Dummy As DEVUPLOAD

Public dwDevice As Long


<<< Form1.frm >>>

Option Explicit

Dim status As Boolean


Private Sub Command1_Click ()

Call PmacDoc.SelectDevice (CLng (Form1.hWnd), dwDevice, status)

Call PmacDoc.Open (dwDevice, status)

Dummy.ivar = True


'// Problem occurs here (↓)

Call PmacDoc.Upload (dwDevice, Dummy, "C:\test.cfg", status)


End Sub



that's all, thank you very much.

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