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CK3E spontaneous reboot


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Hello, I am Sang Joon Lee


I would like to ask if a Ck3e reboots itself for some reason.


For instance,

operating at a temperature higher than it could endure.

or a power surge, ground loop, IP infliction between PC and PMAC, etc.


the ck3e is the only application in its network.

and it spontaneously reboots and comm gets lost.

the firmware version is

IDE version should be 4.2.xx or 4.3.xx


I appreciate a list of the possible causes.


Thank you.

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Sang Joon,


Did the PMAC actually reboot and come back online? Or did it crash and stay dead?


I don't know of anything that should cause it to reboot outside of losing power and then getting it back.


Hi Eric.


What I know is,


The PMAC comes back online then the operator does their initializing step to resume his work.

I would like to know if PMAC can reboot automatically on a condition rather than having an external power loss? -> ok, it does not reboot automatically.

Or any other possibility do you think of it?


Thank you.

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I had issue with about year ago. Drop comm and freeze ECAT. Did not recall actual full reboot, but lost ecat master several times, freeze cmd commands and do some other weird things. Switch in to a year ago . No single issue since. use 4.3.x.x IDE. improve CPU loads a lot. Now process run lot more efficient and have better execution time. I know they have newer versions as well. But work well for me, did not have time debug latest versions.


Also one note: in initial development back in 2007 had our system software issue with proper handshake ack command.( was wrong ack TCP/IP command from turbo version). That wrong acknowledgment command some times force reset controller( once in 20 min or so). Not recall what firmware we used back at that time. But may collect wireshark and confirm no unusual data before each reboot.

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