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BlockRequest in motor status


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Hi all


I have a C app that receives a set of target positions from an HMI over UDP connection and make them into a motion program. at the end of the motion program it sets a global variable flag that triggers a response in the rticplc and/or plc to kill all motors.

Most of the time this method works fine but I noticed sometimes the motion program will finish the move but the motion program will keep running with the motors still enabled but not moving and the global flag doesn't get set to kill the motors, when this happens the BlockRequest bit in the running motors status is true.

I looked into the manuals and the software reference for information on BlockRequest but couldn't find anything conclusive about it.

What is the BlockRequest bit and why is it stopping the motion program to terminate and how to prevent this issue from happening in the first place?


Thanks in advance.

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Does anything in your coordinate system status screen look off when this happens? What value does Coord[x].ErrorStatus have? It sounds like your motor is just saying the motion program died without telling it how to do it's next move.


Thanks for your reply.

I can't see anything else looking off in the coordinate system and I checked the errorstatus and it's 0.

one thing I noticed that when this happens Coord[1].Ldata.Status is 112 and when the motion program works fine it's 96.

by looking at the manuals this is related to single step mode. but I'm not using that.

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That global variable flag may be taking affect too early, while the program is still technically running. You might try adding a small delay to the PLC before the motors are killed to test this theory.


Does the code being inserted into the rotary buffer have a synchronous assignment like below? (double equal) so the flag is not set early?


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when this happens the global variable doesn't change at all. it feels like the motion program gets stuck at the move line and doesn't continue even though in task manager it's still running and the motors are still enabled.


I tried the synchronous assignment and it doesn't seem to make any difference.


Here's an example of the motion programs created by the C app:




most of the motion programs created in this app are similar to this example as they are usually a single move on 1-4 motors.


ps. when the program get stuck even the P8204++ at the end of the move line is not executed.

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