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about Error07 buffer in use with binary rot buf.

wonjae lee

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I'm trying to use bin rot buf.


i use vs2010 and PmacSuiteSetup 7.11.86


i run bin rot buffer and gather data using by PEWIN32.


after gathering data.


bin rot buffer says buff is full and not moving.


i aborted bin rot buffer.


after that.


i have an error in buffer change.


my coode is

if ( DeviceDPRRotBufChange(m_dwDeviceID, 0, m_nBuff_Size)<0 )


MessageBox(_T("Binary Rotary Buffer Size Changing Error!"));




i've got this error message always after that.



and i tried to clear in terminal (which is in the pe win32pro)\


but there is error message


error07 buffer is already in use.


i type close several times. and type clr again


error is same.


what did i do wrong.


any advise.



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This would be a technical support issue.

Please contact ODT's technical support at:



Note that “clr” is not a valid PMAC command. If you wish to clear the terminal screen, please use the “Clear Terminal” selection from the Terminal right-mouse click menu.


We cannot directly comment on user C-code but we can answer questions about PcommServer library functions. I don’t believe you can change the binary rotary buffer size “on-the-fly”.

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