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"F1" help did not work in PowerPMAC IDE


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no IDE in parallel.

I think I did in the past a complete new installation of IDE, not using the patchfile.


Pressing F1 opens a window Microsoft Help Viewer 2.2 - PowerPMAC IDE 4

"Cannot find requested topic on your computer".


Kindly regards


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today I update IDE to hoping that this resolve my problem.

Now it is more worse than before.


With IDE 4.3 I could choose e.g. close or enable in the edit pane.

I press "F1" and could see the information from the manual in the help window.

With the new version this is not possible.

The help window does not open.


I check the point when I got the error pressing F1.

It comes up when I select something in the motor topology window.

Maybe the manual ist not fully linked to the IDE menu.


Kindly regards

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For the first screen shot, do you know what would have happened if you had changed the "Search" entry from "VS.Ambient" to something like Motor[x].ServoCtrl?

I suppose if you cannot get back to there, it is a moot point, but it might have been helpful for diagnostics.


If you type "Motor[x].ServoCtrl" into the Terminal window and then press "F1" key on your keyboard, what happens?

When you say the help window does not open, does your computer respond at all? Does anything happen?

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