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JogSpeed function


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I came across the function JogSpeed in the PPMAC C language manual and according to the manual

int JogSpeed (int n, double x)


Starts a jog move for motor n at velocity x



n - Motor number


x - jog velocity


I couldn't find any reference to what is the unit of velocity parameter in this function. and while testing it in my app I noticed that the motor ActVel is actually higher than the parameter and in some cases even higher than Motor[x].JogSpeed and Motor[x].MaxSpeed.


How to probably use this function and how does it work (ie. how does it command a motor to jog at a specific speed as there's no equivalent to this in the on-line commands)?

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The documentation for JogSpeed(n,x) is not great. It will jog motor n indefinitely with Velocity = x * Motor[n].JogSpeed.

Set x negative to reverse direction.

Motor[n].MaxSpeed should not matter.


Thanks for the reply, is x here a percentage or a value between 0-1?

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