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IDE Tune tool get stuck after 5 minutes working


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Hi everebody,


I am using power pmac IDE 43.2.19 with powerbrick LV (CPU:PowerPC,460EX / frimware 2.3..2.5) on a windows 10 Pro 64 bit.


I have a problem with the Tuning tool which get stuck after 5 to 10 successfull sine or trapezoidal or even step curves profile generation.


it is impossible to exit neither tune tool nor the IDE itself when it get stuck. i have to stop it via the windows task manager.


the problem is occuring every time i launch the tune tool.


please help!

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There is a known issue where if you change a gain and don't click out of the box before running the tuning move, the window has a small chance of crashing. Do you think this could be your issue?


I know some changes to the tune tool are coming that will address this issue.


Thank you for your reply. I am not sure that it is the case. I will follow your instruction on clicking outside the box and make you informed if it does stop crashing.

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