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CK3E/Yaskawa PDO Edits


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Although I can operate the network just fine if I use the "canned" PDO's, I have not been able to get the EtherCAT network Activated successfully after editing the PDO's. ECATMap.pmh looks good, all slaves can go "op" in Diagnostics Mode, and mapped values can be read in the Watch window.

But when I try to "Activate EtherCAT" I'm getting "Unknown Error" code 9811000e. Ecat Reset doesn't help. Any ideas?



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Just one of the mapped values seems to be the problem, Yaskawa is looking into it now.


Your address/offset for the digital outputs is wrong. Digital output is a subindex 01 address, not subindex 00, so 0x60FE:01 = correct index for the PDO mapping - you have it as 0x60FE:00 which is not a PDO mappable index, thus correctly resulting in the error indicating illegal address mapping attempted.

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