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Servo Analyzer issue with Quad Core


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Configuration: Quad Core set as 16K Phase, 8K servo, 4K RTI, ACC24E3 is clock master.

Executing chirp on Servo analyzer 2.o will not gather if max sweep frequency set to 2000. This works well with the 460, but in looking at the diag.txt in /var/ftp/gather i see that it thinks 2000 is too high and wants the end frequency to be 1999.9920999 or some similar frequency. Setting the end frequency to 1999 does work reliably. Looking at task manager the phase, servo, and RTI numbers their nominal values.

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If you look at the value of Sys.ServoPeriod, is it 0.5 or is it a float value slightly off from 0.5?

It is , of course internally a floating point and we set Sys.ServoPeriod = 0.125, but when queried we get back Sys.ServoPeriod = 0.12500486914408121

In Task manager the servo frequency bounces between 7.981 and 8.010,

and RTI 3.972 to around 4.033

All clocks in this case are being generated by the ACC24E3

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