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Is there a relationship between the Ethercat task and the gpascii task?


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1. When running the Power PMAC IDE with EtherCat enabled, a communication error occurred. This situation appears occasionally. (FW2.5.0.4 / IDE


2. When I shut down the Power PMAC IDE when the Ethercat motor makes noise, the noise is gone (FW2.5.4.0 / IDE


I think there is a relationship between the Power PMAC IDE and Ethercat. Please explain what kind of relationship it is.

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I also know this kind of phenomenon where a motor sounds noisy. Several reason:

* bad ECAT-setup (steady noise)

* wrong ServoExtension (should be set so ECAT-Update matches servo-freq) - steady noise

* noise during opening/connecting/closing IDE resp. especially IDE-Taskmanager to PPMAC (gpascii) in combination with heavy cpu-load

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I have also seen this, with the motor noise problem becoming worse with more ECAT slaves and set to hot connect - this was seen while using an NYB2C.  I have also separately measured that connecting and disconnecting to the IDE temporarily affects ECAT timings. 

Strangely, the motor noise disappears while 'gathering' in the plot tool. As soon as the 'gather' is stopped, the issue re-appears. 

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This is also my experience, can't figure out why but also DCClockDiff appears to be much more stable (and with lower value) when gathering.

Could this be an unwanted effect of having a non-default value of ECAT[i].RTStateCheckCount?    (50)

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The value of “50” that you show should be acceptable. I have done some testing (FW IDE on CK3E) and have found no correlation to DcClock issues with the “RTStateCheckCount” mechanism or data gathering. You may be experiencing a different issue. I might suggest you contact your local Omron technical support for a review of your EtherCAT usage.

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