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trying simple NC files


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I'm trying to finish setting up an NC16 / PowerPMAC UMAC for a friend. They have been using the IDE with some success so I think the motor/dencode/axis parameters are close.

My NC program is not behaving the way I think it should.












The parser does not like either of the first two lines. Weird, heh? We are executing motion programs from the IDE with those lines.


If I remove them the program executes but stops just before the X-0.05 move completes. The position reports as -0.047886. No matter the commanded position it never quite gets there. The program hangs up and I have to abort to get control again. It will stop that same distance from any negative commanded position on both axis (this is a diamond turning machine so only two axis).


I'm sure I've messed something up. Its hard when multiple hands have there fingers in something.


[EDIT] I'm thinking this is exactly the same problem I had getting NC16 to load and run an initialization script. It would not parse it correctly. I got past that by putting the plc script in pp_startup.txt. But I can't do that with NC files forever. I really need those to run after being loaded remotely. I can run .pmc files so I KNOW it is something to do with files downloaded remotely rather than present in the image created by the IDE.


Any clues?



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Thanks Eric! It seems only RS-274 syntax is allowed in the .nc files. After using .pmc files in the IDE environment for a while I missed that!


And the initialization file option in NC16 is really only meant to be used by folks who have the full source code.


I wish the manual were a little better organized. I thought I read it cover to cover.

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