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True DAC output on CK3M


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I have a CK3M and a AX1515P. Do you know how to set them to have true DAC output (+/-10V)?


I also need to configure SSI encoder with them. I think it should be the same way as setting up in PowerBrick LV, right?

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For the first question, are you trying to manually output a voltage or setup a motor? Either way you will have to first set the write protect key and then change the output mode to DAC. The difference would be commanding the output after setup.



SSI would be the same as the Power Brick LV manual. I would recommend looking at this one. You will have to replace PowerBrick. with Gate3.

http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/Manuals/Hardware%20Reference%20Manual/Power%20Brick%20LV%20ARM%20User%20Manual.pdf [FILE REMOVED]

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